Oct 13,2006 Released.

A woman who is Muslim and a man who is Christian fell into love. When the truth is offended, what should the history be?

- Used for the commercial of Bridgeston,2004. -

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Oct 13,2006 Released.

Is it possible that FunkSound which stands its feet assimilates to AmbientSound which is floating?

Apr 18,2007 Released.

The soundtrack of a movie "Arigato" nominated for Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels hold in Biarritz, France in 2007.
total 13 tracks

the conscious is reaching the universe over the indentity.
As if it is the rainbow through which the conscious that goes to micro can go to macro.

You are lost in the vast wooded landscape, and will find the greatness of nature.

Drizzle would not let up until embrace you with gentle moisture.

Parallel worlds. The music floating between the worlds has no start, and no ending.

1998 Released.

For many requests, we re-lease this album from FEP. This is the album that EUCLID RHYME brings out African folk with today's music.
・Total 10 Tracks
-BAY FM・LOVE OUR BAY theme song 「Plamet Joy」recorded. -

April 12,2008 Released.

FEP artists and world artists got together and created this album on the net.
・Total 15 Tracks

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